George Sheldon Photography offers on location lifestyle portraits, commercial, portraiture, and event photography in and around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. With 35+ years behind the camera, George is available to create images on assignment for news and other publications, family portraits, weddings, and other special events. He also creates business portraits, model and actor headshots, and other on location photographs.

Some More Info about George

George Sheldon is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is an active and full time professional photographer and book author. (George has written and published over 30 books!) This is not a hobby or pastime. This is his passion and his fulltime work.

George started writing and photographing when he was 14. His first published work was in a magazine called S9. His first photo sale came the same year to the NFPA for film coverage of a major bank fire in the center square of Lancaster. And he has been working ever since.

When he is not looking through a camera lens or adjusting a flash unit, you might find him writing about travel, Americana, business, or history. Here are some of his books that include his photography:

Thank you for visiting my website and viewing my latest work!  I am a portrait, events, and wedding photographer that services the Mid Atlantic area. I still shoot stock and editorial, too. I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA.  Although I started off my professional life in law enforcement, it was not too long before I found that my true passion was photography.  I truly enjoy being able to capture candid, real life moments and expressions that occur in people’s lives, whether during their wedding or during casual portrait sessions. I really do love creating images people will cherish all of their life. Those interactions between parent and child, siblings, couples, and other family members are the most important elements to photographic expression. I also enjoy the art and science of off-camera lighting. Superior portraits are those that are lit with off-camera lights and modifiers, in addition to being able to find exceptional natural light.

Ten More Things about George:

  1. I drink too much coffee.
  2. My favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty – how can you not enjoy watching the Robertsons?
  3. I prefer colder weather over hazy, hot, and humid.
  4. I am working on another book – which will include more of my photography.
  5. I change my Web site too much.
  6. I use Canon equipment – always did, always will.
  7. George believes that owning equipment doesn’t make you proficient – one of the things he often says, “I could buy a scalpel, but that doesn’t make me a brain surgeon.” Buying a camera at Best Buy doesn’t make you a photographer.
  8. George did CSI photographer for years – he probably won’t tell you about all the gruesome black and white photos he took.
  9. Yes, George really did write books and articles, and really did interview a lot of celebrities.
  10. George would love to meet and photograph Dana Delaney. (She sure would make him happy if she would call and book a session with him!)

George Sheldon, Photographer
Photo credit: ©Frank Tunis – www.franktunis.com

One more this to consider


Remember this: When you hire George Sheldon, you get George Sheldon!

I am your photographer for each photo session. I am the one that does the artistic design work and retouching, and I personally oversee the print and framing of all your work. Yes, of course, I could hand these off to someone else in order to free up time to take on more events – or just to goof off, but quality is the key to me, and that superiority would be sacrificed. I hope that you see that it is not just you in your images, but a part of me as well, and I hope you appreciate the time and care that goes into every image I create – it’s all to give you the ultimate in quality and beauty! – George Sheldon

Sooner or later, you are going to ask yourself “why should I choose George Sheldon as my photographer?”

It’s a great question, and one you should ask. Here’s my answer:

  1. We’ll have fun. Photography is fun. It can be a lot of work – especially for the photographer. But the end result is why we do the work. To get there, we will have fun – lots of smiles, a few laughs, but a great experience.
  2. We’ll create great images together! We’ll work to get the emotion, the excitement, or the look you want (and need). I truly believe that each image should tell a story, so we will work toward that goal.
  3. I don’t count the number of images I create. You are not on a meter with me – and once we get to a certain number, I stop. That’s not me. How many images will I create? As many as we need to create the images you want.
  4. I don’t watch the clock, either. We’ll take as much time as we need to get exactly what you want. While I do “sell” my time as a professional photographer, I don’t stop in exactly 15 minutes or at a precise moment. I work to get your images. Maybe I could make more money if I were a clock-watcher, but I am not.
  5. You will also find me very easy to do business.
  6. I am affordable – and offer reasonable, sensible prices.


From weddings to simple headshots to family portraits to high school senior photos, George Sheldon is available to help you. Just contact him and let him know what you need.

As you look through the galleries on display here on my website and on my blog, you will see a good sampling of George Sheldon’s work and what he is able to produce.

We hope you enjoy the images.

Service Area

My regular service area is the Susquehanna Valley - this includes Lancaster, Hershey, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Millersville, York, Reading, Lebanon here in Pennsylvania. I also regularly travel to Philadelphia and Baltimore. (Of course, I will travel anywhere on assignment.)

I offer on location, distinctive photography services. I do not operate a traditional studio with regular hours, but rather I work from a home office.  All of my photography sessions are by appointment only. This is because of my strong background as a journalist and author. Over the decades, I have become accustomed to going to the story. I do that with my photography, too. I do have portable backgrounds and several lighting systems, allow me to have a portable studio. Of course, for those that prefer, they can come to my home and have a photo session here. Many people needing headshots do come to me for their session – or we shoot on location.



George is an active blogger. You can find his blog, simply called George Sheldon Photography, at http://www.georgesheldon.com/blog. You can also use the link at the top of this page to read his blog. George also tweets – so you can find him on Twitter at georgesheldon. George maintains a Facebook page at George Sheldon Photography, too!